Local 120 News

02 March 2017

Belle Fourche PD Unanimously Chooses Teamsters 120

Belle Fourche SD- The Belle Fourche Police Department voted unanimously today to join the Teamsters Local 120. The police officers, along with Business Agent James Hereen, will now begin the bargaining process with the city of Belle Fourche to negotiate an employment contract.

“We look forward to getting to the bargaining table and exchanging proposals with the city. If the city approaches bargaining in good faith we should be able to find common ground on a range of issues.” Said Hereen.


16 February 2017

“My Pillow Drops LME/FLE

MyPillow hires a third-party broker to arrange trucking and was not aware of any issues with LME/FLE until it received the press release issued by http://corporatetransparency.org on February 15, 2017. While MyPillow is not a party to any dispute between LME/FLE and its workers, MyPillow understands that some of its customers have raised a concern regarding LME/FLE and for that reason, MyPillow has notified its trucking broker to stop using LME/FLE. MyPillow is proud of its Minnesota workers and supports all Minnesotans that work hard for a living.

26 January 2017

State Files Suit Accusing LME/FLE of Fraud


Full Text of the Legal Filing

St. Paul, MN- On January 19, 2017, the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry filed suit accusing trucking firms LME INC, Finish Line Express, and Lakeville Motor Express of fraud and wage theft. This comes just over two months after Lakeville Motor Express closed, laying off 95 workers with no notice three days before Thanksgiving.

Tom Erickson, President of Teamsters Local 120 which represents the 95 laid off employees, sees this as an important first step: “We appreciate the hard work of the Department in investigating this case. Our members were literally left out in the cold.”

The suit alleges that Kevin Deming, Roger Wilsey, Shari Taylor Wilsey, Michael and Nancy Sanford, Travis and Jennifer Hoeschen, owners and executives of Lakeville and sister companies FLE/LME, fraudulently transferred Lakeville assets to LME/FLE, and demands that over $300,000 in stolen wages and penalties be paid.

“These executives robbed 95 hard working, middle class families of wages they had earned. We are pleased to see that the State has taken the next step towards holding these companies accountable,” said Teamsters Local 120 Secretary Treasurer Bill Wedebrand.