Take Action


How To Get Involved:


Come to Meetings

Teamsters_PAC120PAC meets monthly from September through May. Meetings are held one hour prior to Local 120’s monthly membership meeting at the Local 120 Union Hall in Blaine.

At our meetings, we screen political candidates, endorse political candidates, review requests for contributions to politicians and political causes, review issues pending before the state legislatures, and create action plans to advance labor-related issues.

Write Your Legislator

You can find your legislator here.

In general, letters should be three short paragraphs. The first paragraph should identify who you are and that you are writing to support or oppose a position or piece of legislation. The second paragraph should explain, briefly, the reasons for your support or opposition. Be factual not emotional, and avoid exaggeration. State your view firmly, but avoid name-calling or making threats. Try to be reasonable, factual, and friendly. Provide specific rather than general information about how the topic affects you and others. If a certain bill is involved, cite the correct title or number whenever possible. Close by requesting the action you want taken: a vote for or against a bill, or change in general policy.

Here are sample letters to a US Senator, a US Representative.

Write a Letter to the Editor

Writing letters to the editor is an important engagement tool for activists.

They allow activists to 1) reach a broader audience than you normally would have; 2) hold your local journalists accountable; and 3) present alternative views on political issues.

Most newspapers publish guidelines with their specific requirements for getting a letter published, but here are some general rules:

  • Include your name, address, and a telephone number.
  • Be respectful and courteous.
  • If you are in favor or opposed to an issue, mention the specific reasons why. Provide examples.
  • If you quote a source, be sure to cite your source or attribute the quote.
  • Use proper grammar and spellcheck your letter.
  • Be clear and concise. Letters to the editor are much more likely to be published if they are 300 words or less.


We are always looking for members to testify before the state legislatures, distribute leaflets, make phone calls, knock on doors, stuff envelopes, deliver lawn signs and volunteer at conventions. Call Paul Slattery (763) 267-6120 and ask how you can help!