Member Referral

Member Referral

As a member of America’s strongest union, you know the real difference that joining Local 120 has on your workplace and life.

The more of us who stand together, the stronger we are. When we grow our membership, we grow our strength—that means better jobs for new members and stronger contracts for all of us.

Do you have a friend, family member, neighbor or former colleague who’d be interested in joining Local 120? Share their information below to put them in touch with an organizer.

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Reach out to your friends and family directly about joining Local 120 and ask them to fill out a “talk with an organizer” form.

As a proud member of Teamsters Local 120, my colleagues and I negotiated and won a union contract that locked in our pay, benefits & working conditions. You can do the same. 

Meet with a Local 120 organizer to learn how you can take control and win the work-life you deserve.