Joe Battaglia

Joe Battaglia

BA - Minnesota

BA - Minnesota Office

Joe has been a Teamster since 1978, and is proud to serve as a Business Agent for our Minnesota members.


Joe became a Teamster in 1978, when he began working at Honeywell in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Joe then began working at Sun Country Airlines, where he worked until 2003, and served as elected Base Representative for Teamsters Local 2000. In 2003, after Local 2000 merged into Local 120, Joe was appointed as Organizer at Teamsters Local 120. Joe was then elected as Business Agent in 2005., and in November 2014, Joe was elected Recording Secretary. Joe represents members in a variety of industries, from airline and airport employees to transit and construction workers.

Other Activities

Joe serves as a Trustee on the Trustee Minnesota Teamsters 401(K) Plan, and serves as Alternate Trustee on the Minnesota Teamsters Construction Division Health and Welfare Plan and Minnesota Teamsters Construction Division Pension Plan. Joe serves as the Recording Secretary for the Teamsters Local 120 Building Holding Company.

Joe also serves as a Board member of Teamster Local 120’s DRIVE (Democrat, Republican, and Independent Voter Education) political action committee, where he assists with candidate screening and activities supporting endorsed candidates.