Lovinsky Ricard

Lovinsky Ricard


Organizer - Minnesota Office

Lovinsky has been a Teamster since 1999, and is proud to serve as an Organizer for Teamsters Local 120.

Lovinsky has been a Teamster since he began working at the Supervalu warehouse in Hopkins, Minnesota. Lovinsky first got active in the union when he volunteered to become a committee person for then-steward Troy Gustafson. In 2013 Lovinsky was elected steward at the Supervalu Hopkins warehouse and was a member of the negotiating committee that secured a hard fought contract for the Supervalu Hopkins warehouse in 2015.

In September 2015, Lovinsky was hired by Local 120 as an Organizer, tasked with internal organizing in our right-to-work states and with organizing new bargaining units across Minnesota, Iowa, and North and South Dakota. In addition to pursuing organizing leads, Lovinsky is also responsible for assisting Business Agents on strategic campaigns during contract negotiations.

Along with the duties of an Organizer, Lovinsky is an active member of the Teamsters Local 120 Democrat, Republican, and Independent Voter Education) political action committee. Lovinsky has been active in various DRIVE sign-up campaigns both at Local 120 bargaining units, working with both Local 120 and International political action staff.  Lovinsky also assists Local 120 and International political action staff performing voter registration and voter education.