Brandon Brink

Brandon Brink

BA - Minnesota

Business Agent - Minnesota Office

Brandon has been a Teamster since 2006 and is proud to serve as a Business Agent for Teamsters Local 120

He began his Teamsters career working at US Foods in 2006 and became active in the union which resulted in his election as union steward in 2020.

In January 2023, Brandon was appointed Business Agent for Teamsters Local 120 then he was elected to Business Agent in 2024. He represents members in a variety of industries, from foodservice, medical, undertakers, building service workers, newspaper, metal workers, glass workers, heating and air, drywall, recycling, gas and welding supply.

In addition to his Business Agent position, Brandon serves as the disaster relief coordinator at Local 120 and Human Rights and Disaster Relief liaison with the IBT. Brandon also is a proud member of the Teamsters 120 D.R.I.V.E. program where he has helped enroll new  Teamsters from throughout MN, SD, ND and IA.

(952) 454-4127