Endorsed Candidates

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120PAC endorses candidates for office following its monthly board meetings. Endorsements are on-going, and the list below is updated regularly.

If you are a candidate for office and would like to be screened for endorsement, please contact Political Director Paul Slattery by email or mail.


For more information on voting and elections, go to mnvotes.org

To find your polling location, go to https://pollfinder.sos.state.mn.us/

Statewide Race: 

Tim Walz & Peggy Flanagan
Keith Ellison
Steve Simon
Julie Blaha
Alan Roy
District 02
Grant Hauschild
District 03
Ben DeNucci
District 07
Aric Putnam
District 14
Nick Frentz
District 18
Jeremy Miller
District 26
John Hoffman
District 34
Heather Gustafson
District 36
Susan Pha
District 38
Judy Seeberger
District 41
Kelly Morrison
District 45
Nicole Mitchell
District 47
Jim Carlson
District 52
Lindsey Port
District 55
Bobby Joe Champion
District 59
Kari Dziedzic
District 60
Scott Dibble
District 61
Zaynab Mohamed
District 63
Erin Murphy
District 64
Sandy Pappas
District 65
Clare Oumou Verbeten
District 66
Foung Hawj
District 67
Rob Ecklund
District 03A
Mary Murphy
Julie Sandstede
District 07A
Dave Lislegard
District 07B
Tami Calhoun
District 14A
Dan Wolgamott
District 14B
Kim Hicks
District 25A
Matt Norris
District 32B
Josiah Hill
District 33B
Brian Raines
District 34A
Melissa Hortman
District 34B
Zack Stephenson
District 35A
Jerry Newton
District 35B
Susie Strom
District 36A
Brion Curran
District 36B
Kristin Bahner
District 37B
Michael Nelson
District 38A
Samantha Vang
District 38B
Erin Koegel
District 39A
Sandra Feist
District 39B
Tina Folch
District 41B
Ned Carroll
District 42A
Ginny Klevorn
District 42B
Mike Freiberg
District 43B
Leon Lillie
District 44B
Lauren Bresnahan
District 45A
Amanda Hemmingsen-Jaeger
District 47A
Ethan Cha
District 47B
Lucy Rehm
District 48B
Carlie Kotyza-Wittuhn
District 49B
Steve Elkins
District 50B
Michael Howard
District 51A
Liz Reyer
District 52A
Ruth Richardson
District 52B
Rick Hansen
District 53B
Brad Tabke
District 54A
Jessica Hanson
District 55A
Kaela Berg
District 55B
Robert Bierman
District 56A
John Huot
District 56B
Erin Preese
District 57B
Fue Lee
District 59A
Sydney Jordan
District 60A
Mohamud Noor
District 60B
Frank Hornstien
District 61A
Jamie Long
District 61B
Aisha Gomez
District 62A
Samantha Sencer-Mura
District 63A
Emma Greenman
District 63B
Kaohly Her
District 64A
Dave Pinto
District 64B
Samakab Hussein
District 65A
Leigh Finke
District 66A
Athena Hollins
District 66B
Liz Lee
District 67A
Jay Xiong
District 67B
Federal Races:
Angie Craig
District 02
Betty McCollum
District 04
Ilhan Omar
District 05
Pete Stauber
District 08

Local Races:


Joe Atkins
Dakota – District 02
Laurie Halverson
Dakota – District 03
Trista Matascastillo
Ramsey – District 03
Rena Moran
Ramsey – District 04
Rafael Ortega
Ramsey – District 05
Mai Chong Xiong
Ramsey – District 06
Karla Bigham
Washington – District 04
Mike Gamache
Anoka – District 5
Seema Madali
Dakota – District 4
John Choi – Ramsey
Matt Little – Dakota
Lori Saroya – Blaine
Scott Rosochacki – Blaine
Teshite Wako – Brooklyn Park
Christian Eriksen – Brooklyn Park




For more information on voting and elections, go to sos.iowa.gov/elections 

Statewide Races: None at this time

Federal Races: None at this time

Local Races: None at this time

South Dakota

For more information on voting and elections, go to sdsos.gov/elections-voting

Statewide Races: None at this time

Federal Races: None at this time

Local Races: None at this time


North Dakota

For more information on voting and elections, go to vote.nd.gov

Statewide Races: None at this time

Federal Races: None this time

Local Races: None at this time