James Heeren

James Heeren

BA - South Dakota

Business Agent - South Dakota Office

James has been a Teamster since 1997, and is proud to serve as a Business Agent for Teamsters Local 120.


James has been a Teamster since he began working at the North Sioux City Police Department as a licensed peace officer in 1997.   James became active in the union, and was elected union steward for his bargaining unit.

In 2015, James was appointed Business Agent at Teamsters Local 120 in South Dakota. James currently represents members in a variety of industries, from police officers and correctional officers, to bakery and manufacturing employees.

Other Activities

In addition to his Business Agent position, James is a member of Teamster Local 120’s DRIVE (Democrat, Republican, and Independent Voter Education) political action committee, assisting with candidate screening and activities supporting endorsed candidates.   James is active in Local 120’s organizing efforts, and has led several successful organizing campaigns.