Tom Nelton

Tom Nelton

BA - Minnesota

Business Agent - Rochester Office

Tom began his career as a Teamster in 1976 at FIBERITE (currently Solvay) in Winona.  In 1982, he was elected as a steward.  In late 1983, Tom ran for election for the Vice President position on the Teamsters Local 160 E-Board and was voted in as VP.  He held that position for 16 years and in 1999, he was appointed to be a full-time business agent for Teamsters Local 160.  In 2017, Local 160 voted to merge with Local 120 and Tom was then appointed as business agent for that Local.

Currently as a Business Agent for Local 120, Tom represents Teamster members in a variety of industries that include manufacturing, drivers, shipping, dairy, city and county employees.

Tom also currently serves as an alternate on the Minnesota Teamsters Highway Heavy Pension and Health & Welfare Fund and the Apprenticeship & Training Fund and is a delegate on the Southeast Minnesota Building and Trades in the Rochester area.