Tom Erickson

Tom Erickson

President/Principal Officer

President/Principal Officer - Minnesota Office

Tom has been a Teamster since 1983, and is proud to serve as the President and Principal Officer of Teamsters Local 120, and a Business Agent for our Minnesota members.


Tom has been a Teamster since 1983, when he began his career at SuperValu, working in its warehouse located in Hopkins, Minnesota. An active union member, Tom quickly became a union steward, then was promoted to chief union steward, and also served as a member of the SuperValu contract negotiating committee.

In 2002, Tom was appointed a Trustee of Local 120, a position he held until 2005, when he was elected as Business Agent. Tom was re-elected as Business Agent in 2008 and 2011, and still serves Local 120’s members in that capacity. In November 2014, Tom was elected as the President and Principal Officer of Local 120.

Other Activities

In 2014, Tom was appointed to the IBT’s Sysco/US Foods Steering Committee, which was responsible for organizing the IBT’s response nationally to the proposed purchase of US Foods by Sysco. In 2015, President Hoffa appointed Tom to the Teamsters National Automobile Transporters Industry Negotiating Committee.

Tom serves as the Local 120 delegate to the Ohio Strike Fund, the Fund that ensures that Local 120 members will always have strike funds available to them. Tom also serves as President of the Teamsters Local 120 Building Holding Company.

Tom is a Trustee on the Minnesota Teamsters Health & Welfare Plan, the Minneapolis Food Distributing Industry Pension Plan, and the Minnesota Teamster Member 401(k) Plan.  Tom is the President of Teamster Local 120’s DRIVE (Democrat, Republican, and Independent Voter Education) political action committee, Tom assists with candidate screening and, together with the other board members, determines which candidates will receive Local 120’s endorsement.

Tom is equally active in Local 120’s organizing efforts, and has led numerous successful organizing campaigns.