26 November 2016

Stand with Lakeville Motor Express Employees


2 Responses

  1. Joe

    Nothing new Companies have been doing this forever. Unfortunately hard working people always get the shaft! We need to go to DC and let them know this stuff needs to end!! If it weren’t for these hard working individuals these Companies and CEOs wouldn’t have a Damn business. I’ll be there to show my support!!! J Rimmer

  2. Charles Bergan

    It is totally disgusting the way American business strives to rob the labor force to operate more profitably (greed?) ha ha
    Setting up Quote SISTER COMPANIES, only to undermine and eliminate fair bargaining and our union way of life for their SHAREHOLDERS and CEOs. We could see it in the shaping of Conway, CF’s sister company. I ran the dock screaming at the top of my lungs, get active and stop what’s comming! We all know the outcome. The only answer would be to stand up against this shit perhaps showing our strength in backing the folks at Lakeville!