15 July 2019

LME: The Union Difference

LME executives Roger and Shari Wilsey have once again locked the doors on hundreds of American workers. And again, they are stiffing their employees out of pay that was rightfully earned. Unfortunately this time their employees are non-union.

When the Wilsey’s and their henchmen did the same thing to Lakeville Motor Express, they didn’t count on the Union difference. Our Union rallied the public, fought the legal battle, and delivered a seven-figure settlement for our members. A settlement that is protected and must continue to be paid despite the LME closure. Thats the Union difference.

When you choose to be Union… Your rights are protected.

When you choose to be Union… Your voice is heard.

When you choose to be Union… You WIN!

It PAYS to be Union! Find out more about joining Teamsters Local 120 by CLICKING HERE.

Find more information about the LME closure below.