30 May 2019

Murphy Strike is Over – Thanks for Your Support!

On behalf of our 12,000 members, thank you for your support of the Teamsters Local 120 Murphy Warehouse bargaining unit during their strike. The outpouring of financial donations, social media outreach, and in-person presence on the picket line was overwhelming; it exceeded anything I have seen in my 36 years as a Union Member.  We have all heard the words, “United we stand, Divided we beg,” but it’s humbling to truly realize the power we have as a labor movement when we come together for a just cause.

With your backing, our members stood strong and sent a message to every employer that the labor movement will unite to fight injustice wherever we find it. The new Murphy Warehouse agreement, which was ratified 55-1 by our members on Friday afternoon, offsets every penny of in-network healthcare cost increases and every penny of premium increases with wages. ON TOP OF THAT, it delivers the biggest raises in the history of the contract.

Our members suffered no loss during the strike. That is why I am closing the Murphy Teamsters Defense Fund at this time and asking that any donations made to the Fund be reimbursed to the locals that offered them.

Teamsters never forget, and your support won’t be forgotten by our Local. You can count on our local and our members to rally for you the way that you rallied for our Murphy Warehouse workers. The Murphy Teamsters Defense Fund was never about money in an account, it was about sending a message that corporate greed will be met with Union strength…and it worked.

This employer mistakenly thought they could take on our local, but realized they couldn’t beat a united labor movement. Your assistance helped deliver a great contract for our members, and created a roadmap for winning contract campaigns through labor solidarity.

Thank you for your support, your strength, and your resolve for justice.

In Solidarity,

Tom Erickson, President